What are the festival dates? 

The festival begins on 28th June and will run into the early morning of 1st July 2023. 


Where is the festival?

The festival will take place on Praia da Rocha beach in Portimão, The Algarve, Portugal. Praia da Rocha is one of the most popular beaches in The Algarve and is about an hour’s drive away from Faro International Airport. 


What age do I have to be?

Afro Nation Portugal is an 18+ only event and you will need ID to prove your age to guarantee entry. To purchase alcoholic beverages at the festival you must be over 18. 


What are the festival times?

The main festival will start in the afternoon each day and run until the early hours of the following morning. Set times and a full program will be released closer to the festival dates. Keep up to date by signing up to the mailing list or following us on Instagram.


How do I become a vendor at Afro Nation Portugal?

If you would like a concession at the festival, please apply here.

What’s included with a Golden Ticket? 

Golden tickets include the following:

  • Golden Circle access (Be within arms reach of the artists)
  • Access to the festival VIP area and private beach
  • Seated restaurant with table service 
  • VIP bars with faster service
  • Priority festival entry & wristband accreditation
  • An exclusive Afro Nation NFT 
  • An Item of exclusive Afro Nation merch
  • You may leave and re-enter the festival at any time
  • The festival bag policy does not apply to you
  • Priority access to book a table on the Sky Terrace
  • Luxury serviced toilets
  • Three-day access to the main festival site

What’s included with a VIP ticket? 

VIP tickets include the following:

  • Access to the festival VIP area and private beach
  • Seated restaurant with table service 
  • VIP bars with faster service
  • Fast-track festival entry & wristband accreditation
  • Luxury toilets
  • Three-day access to the main festival site

What’s included with a GA ticket? 

GA tickets include the following:

  • Three-day access to the main festival site

What is the difference between 1st and 2nd release tickets?

There is no difference between ticket tiers other than the price. As more ticket tiers are released, they go up in price, therefore the sooner you buy your ticket, the more you will save! 

Can I upgrade my ticket?

There are no upgrades available once the booking has been confirmed, please consider this when making your booking.


Are there any table packages available?

Table packages will become available nearer the festival event dates. If you would like to register your interest, please click here.

Golden ticket holders will have priority access to book a table when they come available.

Can I buy a single-day ticket?

Single-day tickets are not available at this time.

Can I buy a ticket on behalf of a friend or relative?

Yes, you must input your friend's name and details when purchasing the ticket.

When will I receive my festival ticket?

Ticket holders will receive an electronic ticket. This will be emailed to the lead booker closer to your experience start date. Tickets will only be sent if your balance is paid in full.

The ticket will also be available to download in 'Your Account'  by logging into www.afronation.com/bookings You can print it or bring it on your smartphone.

How do I know my ticket is valid?

Only tickets bought from this website (powered by Easol) are valid, tickets from third-party sellers are not valid or genuine. To ensure you are buying a genuine ticket please follow the links & information on our website, please consider this before booking.

Where do I get my festival wristband?

You can pick up your festival wristband from the festival accreditation area on-site. Opening times for accreditation will be disclosed in your festival info pack which you will receive closer to the festival dates.


What do I need to bring to guarantee entry?

Please bring your e-ticket, the card you purchased the package with, and valid photo identification. Please note that the name on your e-ticket must match your identification.

You may be refused entry to the experience if you fail to produce the relevant documents for entry.

What constitutes a valid photo ID?

Photographic forms of identification such as a passport or driving license are acceptable.

Can I make changes to, or cancel my Ticket?

Our Tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-changeable once the booking has been made.

Can I re-sell my ticket?

You may not sell your ticket - Our Tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-changeable once the booking has been made.

What happens to my ticket if Afro Nation Portugal change or cancel the experience?

We will do all in our power to ensure the experience goes ahead as planned. In the unfortunate event that we have to cancel the event we would refund you less any booking costs/fees.

What do I do if I delete or lose my e-ticket?

The ticket will also be available to download in 'Your Account' by logging into www.afronation.com/bookings.  You can print it or bring it on your smartphone. 

What happens if I lose my wristband?

Wristbands will only be issued once. Broken or lost wristbands cannot be replaced so please look after them.

Do I need to create an account to make a booking?

In order to book tickets online for this festival, you will need to create an account during the booking process.

Who is the lead booker?

The lead booker is the person who makes the booking and is the first named person on the booking.

Only one person can be the lead booker, they will book tickets on behalf of the whole group.

The lead booker is responsible for the booking, and is the only person we can talk to regarding the booking details. 

Can I book for a group if I don’t know the names of everyone coming yet?

You will need to enter the name of the lead booker only at the time of booking,

You will be sent an email 6 weeks before the event requesting customers' details of all other tickets in your order, if you are ready to add these details now, you can go onto your account section at www.afronation.com/bookings and hit the 'check-in' button, please note once you add these details to a ticket they cannot be changed.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, we have a payment plan option available. Please select the payment plan during the booking process in order to pay in instalments.

If you pay via payment plan, you will pay the first instalment at the time of booking and then pay the subsequent instalments monthly. The schedule must be agreed by you at the time of booking.

Please be aware the instalment amounts can differ between tickets, and that a payment plan option will not be available if you book after the 19th of May 2023.

Balance payments must be made as per the terms on your payment plan or you risk the booking being cancelled and losing any monies already paid.


Can I choose the amount of instalments in my payment plan?

No, the payment plan is fixed and the schedule must be agreed by you at the time of booking in order to proceed with the booking.

Can my group pay for their part of the experience themselves? / Can I pay using more than one card?

We do not offer split payments. If you are paying in full at the time of booking or if a payment plan is set up, payments will be made using the lead booker's card details.

Payment plan customers do have the facility to update their card details by logging into www.afronation.com/bookings

I have a new bank card, how do I update my payment plan details?

If you have booked a payment plan and we have your card saved, you can update your payment details by logging  into www.afronation.com/bookings

It is your responsibility to ensure that the payment card details remain valid and up to date. If you need to change your payment card details you must do this before payment of the next instalment becomes due.

What happens if I miss a payment plan payment?

If a Payment Plan has been set up, we will automatically take payment of the instalment on each payment date within the Payment Plan. It is your responsibility to ensure payments do not fail.

If we are unable to charge your card, due to your card being expired, insufficient funds or it has been declined by the bank, don’t panic! We’ll attempt to take the payment again in seven days, giving you time to fix the issue or update your payment method.

Please be aware, if the same payment fails 3 times, then your booking is at risk of being cancelled.

When is my last payment due?

Balance payments must be made as per the terms on your payment plan or paid in full at the time of booking (whichever is applicable). Failure to make your payments on time may put your booking at risk of being cancelled.

Will I have to pay a booking fee?

Yes, there is a 12.5% booking fee on the ticket price.

What to do if my credit card payment fails at checkout?

Check with your bank in the first instance, as they will be able to advise of the reason why your transaction has declined.

The issue may be because of the rollout of 3D Secure across all financial institutions, which is causing some technical difficulties for customers shopping online. To alleviate this, always ensure that your bank has your most up-to-date contact details, so you can verify the transaction.


How do I view my booking / log into 'my account' section on the website?

Once you've created your account you can log back into www.afronation.com/bookings to view what you've purchased, make a payment, and download your tickets, when they are available.


What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

Please follow the 'Forgot Password' link on the log-in page.

What do I do if the details are wrong in my booking or on my confirmation email?

If you believe that any details on your booking confirmation (or any other document) are wrong, you must advise us immediately.

Please contact us here.

Changes cannot be made later and it may harm your rights if we are not notified of any inaccuracies within ten days of us sending the document to you.

Does the festival offer special assistance?

Please reach out to us with your requirements and a member of our team will advise you further. You can contact us here.

Where should I book my accommodation?

As the Algarve is such a sought-after tourist destination, there is a vast selection of quality hotels, villas, and apartments to choose from. We recommend staying in the following areas to be close to the festival: Praia Da Rocha, Portimao, Alvor, Carvoeiro, Lagoa 

Is there camping available?

Portugal is a non-camping festival.

How can I change the details on my hotel booking?

Please contact your accommodation provider directly to make changes to your booking i.e. arrival/departure time, length of stay, personal details etc. 

What time is check-in and check-out?

Check-in and check-out times for hotels, villas and apartments vary. Please contact your accommodation directly. 

How can I safely store belongings? 

Most hotels come with safety deposit boxes in the rooms, but some require a nominal fee for their use. Check with your accommodation when booking for information. 

Which airport should I fly into?

Faro International Airport is the closest airport to the festival, it can be reached from most major European, Caribbean, American and African airports, with both direct and non-direct flights.

How hot is it in Portimao?

The average temperature in July is 25 degrees in Portimao, with 10 hours of sunshine. 

Are there cash machines on site?

There are cash machines across Portimao where you can withdraw Euros. 

What currency do I need to bring?

The official currency used is the Euro, which can be bought easily at the bank, the post office or at the airport. 

What is the local language?

The main language spoken in Portugal is Portuguese. 

Can I bring food and drink into the festival?

No food or drink will be allowed into the festival site however you may bring an empty hydration pack and fill it up at one of the many water stations available to you at the festival. 

There will be a wide range of food and drink available to purchase inside the festival. 


Can you bring cameras into the festival?

Professional cameras (with interchangeable lenses) without an approved photo pass are not permitted. 


Can I go in and out of the festival each night?

There is no re-entry into the main festival site each day. Golden ticket customers will be able to leave and re-enter the festival site as many times as they want


Can I sell merchandise at the festival?

We reserve the right to confiscate any items you are selling without our approval.


Will I be searched upon entry to the events?

You may be searched at the entrance to the festival.  Any items which may reasonably be considered for use in an illegal or offensive manner, or which may cause danger or disruption to any person at the event, will be confiscated.

Any illicit drugs (including legal highs), illegal substances or weapons found, will be confiscated. You may be ejected from the event and it may lead to an arrest. The dealing in or use of illegal drugs is not condoned by Afro Nation Ghana.

Persons suspected of carrying items that may be used in an offensive or dangerous manner, or carrying out illegal activities within the venues may be searched at any time.

Please allow plenty of time to get into the event, for event entry procedures, wristband/ticket checks, and searches.



– Bags that are clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and do not exceed 12″ x 6″ x 12.”  

– One-gallon clear plastic freezer bags, i.e. Ziploc bag or something similar.  –  

– Small clutch bags, approximately the size of a hand (and that do not exceed 4.5″ x 6.5”), with or without a handle or strap. (Do not have to be clear) 


Not allowed:  

– Backpacks, purses, or bags that do not meet the above specifications are not allowed, 

– For the avoidance of doubt, iridescent, colour-tinted, and opalescent bags are NOT allowed; they must be clear.

During the festival, there will be security, and staff on duty. For any emergencies, locate a member of staff, who will be able to assist or locate the correct assistance.

If a serious or life-threatening crime is being committed, please contact a member of staff or police officer immediately.

If, in the unlikely event you cannot find someone, please call 112 (the Portuguese Emergency Number).

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